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Downtime Activity: Research

Research lets you delve into lore concerning monsters, locations, magic items, or some other topic.

Resources. Typically you need access to a library or a sage to conduct research. In addition, research requires one workweek (five days) of effort and at least 50 gp spent on materials and expenses.

Resolution.. You declare the focus of your research -- a specific person, place, or thing. After one workweek, you make an Intelligence check with +1 bonus per 50 gp spent beyond the initial 50 gp, to a maximum of +6. In addition, if you have access to a particularly well-stocked library or knowledgeable sages you gain advantage on this check. Once you have your check results, consult the table below.

Check Result Result
1-5 No effect.
6-10 You learn one piece of lore.
11-20 You learn two pieces of lore.
21+ You learn three pieces of lore.

Examples of lore include knowledge of a creatures weaknessses and resistances, the password needed to enter a sealed dungeon level, the spells commonly prepared by a certain order of wizard, and so on. The DM has the final say on exactly what you learn.