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A magic shop sells potions, spell components, and sometimes Magic Items.


Item Category Price
Quarterstaff Simple Melee Weapon 2 sp
Crystal Arcane Focus 10 gp
Orb Arcane Focus 20 gp
Rod Arcane Focus 10 gp
Staff Arcane Focus 5 gp
Wand Arcane Focus 10 gp
Sprig of Mistletoe Druidic Focus 1 gp
Totem Druidic Focus 1 gp
Wooden Staff Druidic Focus 5 gp
Yew Wand Druidic Focus 10 gp
Abacus Adventuring Gear 2 gp
Bottle, Glass Adventuring Gear 2 gp
Candle Adventuring Gear 1 cp
Case, Map or Scroll Adventuring Gear 1 gp
Component Pouch Adventuring Gear 25 gp
Hourglass Adventuring Gear 25 gp
Ink (1 ounce bottle) Adventuring Gear 10 gp
Ink Pen Adventuring Gear 2 cp
Paper (one sheet) Adventuring Gear 2 sp
Parchment (one sheet) Adventuring Gear 1 sp
Pouch Adventuring Gear 5 sp
Robes Adventuring Gear 1 gp
Spellbook Adventuring Gear 50 gp
Vial Adventuring Gear 1 gp
Alchemist's Supplies Tools 50 gp
Calligrapher's Supplies Tools 10 gp
Lute Musical Instrument 35 gp
Lyre Musical Instrument 30 gp
Spell Scroll (Cantrip) Spell Scroll 25 gp
Spell Scroll (Level 1) Spell Scroll 75 gp
Spell Scroll (Level 2) Spell Scroll 150 gp
Spell Scroll (Level 3) Spell Scroll 300 gp
Spell Scroll (Level 4) Spell Scroll 500 gp
Spell Scroll (Level 5) Spell Scroll 1,000 gp
Identify a Magic Item Service 100 gp

Downtime Activity: Work

You can find temporary employment at this establishment.

Resources. Performing a job requires one workweek (five days) of effort.

Resolution.To determine how much money you earn, roll an ability check: Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), Intelligence using a set of tools, Charisma (Performance), or Charisma using a musical instrument. Use the check that applies most to the kind of work you're doing. Consult the below table to see how much money you earned.

Check Result Week's Earnings
9 or lower 1 gp
10-14 5 gp
15-20 10 gp
21+ 35 gp

Complications. After resolving the above, roll a d10. On a 1, you suffer a complication determined by the GM.

These rules are published under the Open Game Licence.
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