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Jewelers buy and sell jewelry, precious metals, and gemstones.

Gemstones and jewelry count as "treasure" and can be sold to merchants for their full value.


Item Category Price
Amulet/Necklace, Exquisite Jewelry 5 gp
Amulet/Necklace, Mundane Jewelry 5 sp
Crystal Arcane Focus 10 gp
Orb Arcane Focus 20 gp
Earrings, Exquisite Jewelry 4 gp
Earrings, Mundane Jewelry 4 sp
Ring, Exquisite Jewelry 3 gp
Ring, Mundane Jewelry 3 sp
Signet Ring Jewelry 5 gp
Jeweler's Tools Artisan's Tools 25 gp
Gemstone Appraisal (3 gems) Service 5 gp
Stonecutting Service Gem value x0.25
Azurite Gemstone 10 gp
Banded Agate Gemstone 10 gp
Blue Quartz Gemstone 10 gp
Eye Agate Gemstone 10 gp
Hematite Gemstone 10 gp
Lapis Lazuli Gemstone 10 gp
Malachite Gemstone 10 gp
Moss Agate Gemstone 10 gp
Obsidian Gemstone 10 gp
Rhodochrosite Gemstone 10 gp
Tiger Eye Gemstone 10 gp
Turquoise Gemstone 10 gp
Bloodstone Gemstone 50 gp
Carnelian Gemstone 50 gp
Chalcedony Gemstone 50 gp
Chrysoprase Gemstone 50 gp
Citrine Gemstone 50 gp
Jasper Gemstone 50 gp
Moonstone Gemstone 50 gp
Onyx Gemstone 50 gp
Quartz Gemstone 50 gp
Sardonyx Gemstone 50 gp
Star Rose Quartz Gemstone 50 gp
Zircon Gemstone 50 gp
Amber Gemstone 100 gp
Amethyst Gemstone 100 gp
Chrysoberyl Gemstone 100 gp
Coral Gemstone 100 gp
Garnet Gemstone 100 gp
Jade Gemstone 100 gp
Jet Gemstone 100 gp
Pearl Gemstone 100 gp
Spinel Gemstone 100 gp
Tourmaline Gemstone 100 gp
Alexandrite Gemstone 500 gp
Aquamarine Gemstone 500 gp
Black Peral Gemstone 500 gp
Blue Spinel Gemstone 500 gp
Peridot Gemstone 500 gp
Topaz Gemstone 500 gp
Black Opal Gemstone 1000 gp
Blue Sapphire Gemstone 1000 gp
Emerald Gemstone 1000 gp
Fire Opal Gemstone 1000 gp
Opal Gemstone 1000 gp
Star Ruby Gemstone 1000 gp
Star Sapphire Gemstone 1000 gp
Yellow Sapphire Gemstone 1000 gp
Black Sapphire Gemstone 5000 gp
Diamond Gemstone 5000 gp
Jacinth Gemstone 5000 gp
Ruby Gemstone 5000 gp

Downtime Activity: Training

You can spend time with an instructor to gain proficiency with jeweler's tools, smith's tools, glassblower's tools.

Resources. Receiving training in a language or tool typically takes at least ten workweeks (50 days), but this time is reduced by a number of workweeks equal to your Intelligence modifier. A negative Intelligence modifier doesn't increase the time required for training. In addition you need to find a teacher and pay 25 gp per workweek.

Resolution. At the end of your training, you gain that new tool proficiency.

Downtime Activity: Work

You can find temporary employment at this establishment.

Resources. Performing a job requires one workweek (five days) of effort.

Resolution.To determine how much money you earn, roll an ability check: Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), Intelligence using a set of tools, Charisma (Performance), or Charisma using a musical instrument. Use the check that applies most to the kind of work you're doing. Consult the below table to see how much money you earned.

Check Result Week's Earnings
9 or lower 1 gp
10-14 5 gp
15-20 10 gp
21+ 35 gp

Complications. After resolving the above, roll a d10. On a 1, you suffer a complication determined by the GM.

These rules are published under the Open Game Licence.
Establishment Types
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