Topher's D&D Wiki

Character creations is a snap with D&D Beyond. The DM will have sent you a link to the D&D Beyond campaign. Once there, you can use the D&D Beyond character creator to make your own character. It's super handy and walks you through the whole process.

Character Creation House Rules

We have some special rules you need to consider when building and advancing your character:

Nearly all first-party content published by Wizards of the Coast is allowed.

The Aarakocra race is banned. I think having a player character having a natural fly speed at first level is a little too powerful for my taste. If you really want to play as a bird person, the Kenku are a great replacement.

If it interests you, you can talk with your GM about playing with Unearthed Arcana content. This content is produced by Wizards of the Coast for play-testing purposes. Much of the Unearthed Arcana content has actually made it into published books after being modified by play-tester feedback.

When building your character in D&D Beyond, use default settings except for the following cases:

  • Advancement Type: XP
  • Encumberance Type: Use Encumberance
  • Ignore Coin Weight: On (It's assumed that you don't carry all of your money everywhere anyway.)
  • Hit Point Type: Fixed
  • Character Privacy: Public (So we can link to the character sheet here.)
  • Ability Score Generation Method: Standard Array or Point Buy
  • Starting Equipment: Choose Equipment instead of Gold.