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A Bard School is a place where people can come to study the arts. Bards usually come here to gain their specialization in their respective Bardic College. Also they sell gaming sets here.


Item Category Price
Calligrapher's Supplies Artisan's Tools 10 gp
Glassblower's Tools Artisan's Tools 30 gp
Painter's Supplies Artisan's Tools 10 gp
Potter's Tools Artisan's Tools 10 gp
Weaver's Tools Artisan's Tools 1 gp
Woodcarver's Tools Artisan's Tools 1 gp
Disguise Kit Artisan's Tools 25 gp
Dice Set Gaming Set 1 sp
Dragonchess Set Gaming Set 1 gp
Playing Card Set Gaming Set 5 sp
Three-Dragon Ante Set Gaming Set 1 gp
Bagpipes Musical Instrument 30 gp
Drum Musical Instrument 6 gp
Dulcimer Musical Instrument 25 gp
Flute Musical Instrument 2 gp
Lute Musical Instrument 35 gp
Lyre Musical Instrument 30 gp
Horn Musical Instrument 3 gp
Pan Flute Musical Instrument 12 gp
Shawn Musical Instrument 2 gp
Viol Musical Instrument 30 gp

Downtime Activity: Work

You can find temporary employment at this establishment.

Resources. Performing a job requires one workweek (five days) of effort.

Resolution.To determine how much money you earn, roll an ability check: Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), Intelligence using a set of tools, Charisma (Performance), or Charisma using a musical instrument. Use the check that applies most to the kind of work you're doing. Consult the below table to see how much money you earned.

Check Result Week's Earnings
9 or lower 1 gp
10-14 5 gp
15-20 10 gp
21+ 35 gp

Complications. After resolving the above, roll a d10. On a 1, you suffer a complication determined by the GM.

Downtime Activity: Training

You can spend time with an instructor here to learn a new language or gain proficiency with a musical instrument, painter's supplies, glassblower's tools, potter's tools, weaver's tools, woodcarver's tools, or a disguise kit.

Resources. Receiving training in a language or tool typically takes at least ten workweeks (50 days), but this time is reduced by a number of workweeks equal to your Intelligence modifier. A negative Intelligence modifier doesn't increase the time required for training. In addition you need to find a teacher and pay 25 gp per workweek.

Resolution. At the end of your training, you learn that new language or gain that new proficiency.

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