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Arenas are places you can fight for money.

In the arena, you can be involved in many different kinds of nonlethal combat in an organized setting with predetermined matches. You can also work at the ticket booth or running concessions.

 Downtime Activity: Pit Fighting

You can make money participating in organized combat matches.

Resources. Engaging in pit fighting requires one workweek (five days) of effort.

Resolution. When you fight in the arena, you must make a series of checks with a DC determined at random based on the quality of your opposition.

You need to make three checks: Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), and a special Constitution check that has a bonus equal to a roll of your largest Hit-Die (this roll doesn't spend that die). If desired, you can replace one of these skill checks with an attack roll using one of your weapons. The DC for each of these checks is 2d10 + 5. Roll a seperate DC for each of these checks. Consult the table below to see how well you did:

Result Reward
0 successes Lose all your fights, earning nothing.
1 success Win 50 gp.
2 successes Win 100 gp.
3 successes Win 200 gp.

Downtime Activity: Work

You can find temporary employment at this establishment.

Resources. Performing a job requires one workweek (five days) of effort.

Resolution.To determine how much money you earn, roll an ability check: Strength (Athletics), Dexterity (Acrobatics), Intelligence using a set of tools, Charisma (Performance), or Charisma using a musical instrument. Use the check that applies most to the kind of work you're doing. Consult the below table to see how much money you earned.

Check Result Week's Earnings
9 or lower 1 gp
10-14 5 gp
15-20 10 gp
21+ 35 gp

Complications. After resolving the above, roll a d10. On a 1, you suffer a complication determined by the GM.

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